Behind the Scenes - from Priya's heart to yours

Kurinji Gifts serves sex trafficking survivors from Calcutta, India.  We work with/through an organization (Love Calcutta Arts) that employs these precious girls and women who otherwise would have no alternative other than to return to the flesh trade.  In the heart of the city is a large red light area where women are forced into this for many different reasons.  For those who live/grow up in the area, often because of poverty and that’s all they’ve ever known, it’s their only option.  Love Calcutta Arts rose out of a desire to bring freedom to women and girls who would otherwise be at risk of abuse and to help them restore their sense of dignity and worth. The amazing lady, Priya, who runs LCA and oversees the women, truly shows them genuine love and care!  I love that this is ministering to the “whole person” needs of the women!!  

They handcraft beautiful items, using recycled/reclaimed materials and vintage saris. Kurinji Gifts sells the items, helping to give them a fresh start, a renewed sense of dignity and worth, and a future and hope that otherwise could not have been imagined.  When you purchase an item, you are truly touching a life and making a difference.  Please read below as Priya shares from her heart.

“This is the beauty - every product is made with so much love and care.  Like when the women are making blankets, they’re not just stitching the blanket, they’re weaving their dreams into it and their hopes for life.  Every product carries a story of its own.  When you are buying any product, you are just not taking the product home, you are partnering with this woman and to their journey towards freedom.  You’re partnering with them where they want security for their kids, and you are providing it.  Their journey isn’t complete without you coming and partnering with us and buying products.  God Bless You for doing it.  Thank you so much!”  ~ Priya